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with a major emphasis on fun and creating confident little people!

Lee Academy inspires 2 – 6 year olds at TUGGERAH as they embark on their dance & gymnastics journey!


Lee Academy sources the very best, expert derived syllabi & programs for your precious young one to experience & enjoy.

All syllabi are carefully integrated into the wonderful Lee Academy programs & taught by only expert coaches, who love what they do,

Our classes develop skills for our young ones beyond dance - developing skills such as teamwork and confidence.


Babies & toddlers :

1 year – 2 ½ years old

Dancefun : for babies & family together!

Dancefun is our wonderful babies movement program for tiny tots & family to enjoy together. The Dancefun classes are open to all little ones from babies in arms to busy toddlers!


Ready, Set, Dance : Jazz, Hip-Hop & Tap:

ages 2 years & up

has been developed using the knowledge of successful dance teachers who have been running classes for this age group for over thirty years. Targeted at ages two years & up, the syllabus is divided into two distinct levels. The specially-designed Jazz, Hip Hop and Tap exercises are perfect for both boys and girls in this foundational level of training.

Lee Academy is now an official READY SET DANCE studio, offering a jam-packed hour combo class in jazz, hip-hop & tap plus more!


Bumblebee Ballet:

ages 2 years & up

designed especially for Lee Academy by our experts, with foundation training from the RAD ballet syllabus, this is a great ballet centered class in foundation classical ballet training.


Monkee Magick:
ages 2 years & up

designed especially for Lee Academy by our experts, these classes offer a safe, energetic & fully guided class in foundation training in acrobatics, tumbling & circus for our little ones to explore & enjoy.



ages 4 years & up

designed especially for Lee Academy by our experts, a wonderful class in all things cheer! Including Poms poms, the flashy uniform, musical exploration & more!


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All images are of Lee Academy dancers and teachers past and present.

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